BSCE's highly experienced staff members specialize in construction, structural, geotechnical, seismic, hydraulic,
and mechanical engineering. Most members of our key staff are among the best in their field and have decades
of experience. We seek out and strive to provide "the better solution" to our clients by utilizing start-of-the-art analysis and design approaches to integrate our knowledge of both construction and design engineering.

The services we offer include:

Bridge Foundations

Immersed Tube Tunnels

Locks and Dams

Marine Foundations

Outfalls and Intakes



Construction Engineering

Cast and Launch Facilities

Mooring Systems

Storm Surge Barriers


Home Office: 921 SW Washington Street, Suite 765, Portland, OR 97205 Tel: 503.766.3199 Fax: 503.922.0105

Denver Office: 2851 S Parker Road, Suite 424, Aurora, CO 80014 Tel: 720.287.0364