Casting Bed for the Oresund Tunnel Cast and Launch Facility
BSCE team of experienced construction, geotechnical, and structural engineers provides a full range of design services for immersed tube tunnels including: optimization of tunnel cross-sections, evaluation of foundation alternatives, seismic and soil-structure interaction analysis, and detailed foundation design. The experienced BSCE construction engineering staff also performs constructability analysis, and a full range of construction engineering services for immersed tube tunnel construction including: design of systems for tunnel casting, launch, transport and immersion. This includes concept development thru full detail design of such items as casting beds, skid systems, graving docks, launch systems, temporary bulkheads, ballasting systems, immersion pontoons, and stability analysis during launch, transport and immersion.
This full range of services allows the BSCE design team to have a clear understanding of not only the in-service loads on the tunnel elements, but also all construction loadings during launch, transport and immersion. BSCE engineers are familiar with both steel immersed tube tunnels as typically used in the United States as well as the rectangular-shaped concrete tunnels familiar in Europe and Asia. This full range of experience and service allows the BSCE team of engineers to develop highly efficient and innovative solutions for this type of tunnel system.

Floating Gate for Oresund Tunnel Cast and launch Facility

Tow out of the First Tunnel Element from the Oresund
Cast and Launch Facility
BSCE's immersed tube tunnel services also include the following studies:
  • Evaluation of Tunnel Foundation Alternatives
  • Evaluation of Tunnel Cast and Launch Alternatives
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Value Engineering Studies


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