Installation of Caissons for the New Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Up front investment in construction engineering can offer significant return on any construction project. This is especially true of marine construction where high labor costs are combined with high equipment costs and shortened work windows due to highly variable weather and sea condition. In the marine environment, the challenges are many and the opportunities for a second chance are few. It is therefore essential that the construction systems are simple, rugged, and designed to meet these challenging conditions. The marine construction engineers of BSCE have extensive experience working directly with major marine contractors on offshore, near-shore and in-land waterways projects including bridges, locks, dams, immersed tunnels, offshore platforms, marine pipelines, storm surge barriers, breakwaters, and marine terminals.
  • Cofferdam Design
  • Access Trestle Design
  • Erection Engineering for Bridges and Offshore Structures
  • Falsework Design
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Value Engineering Studies
  • Mooring System - Evaluation and Detail Design
  • Ballasting Systems - Ballasting Options Evaluation and Detailed Design
  • Evaluation of Float-In Construction as an Alternative Construction Method
  • Detail Design of Cast and Launch Systems for Floating Structures
  • Caisson Stability Analysis

Loadout and Transport of the Tarsuit Island Caisson to the Arctic


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