Oresund Tunnel Elements Exiting Casting Beds
Cast and launch basins have been used successfully in the past for construction of gravity based bridge foundations, offshore structures, immersed tube tunnels, floating bridges, and large caissons for marine quay walls. Within the last 10 years while working with Ben C. Gerwick, Inc. the construction engineers of BSCE have developed and pioneered the use of cast and launch basins for the use of dams, locks, gate structures, and offshore runways.
BSCE's services related to cast and launch basins include:
  • Detail Design and Analysis of Dewatering and Flooding Systems
  • Detail Design and Analysis of Floating and Sliding Gate Structures
  • Detail Design of Horizontal Transfer System from Casting Site to Launch Basin
  • Constructability Studies
  • Value Engineering Studies

Oresund Tunnel Cast and Launch Facility


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