Bittner-Shen Consulting Engineers, Inc (BSCE) is based in Portland, Oregon and specializes in the design of major marine structures including: bridge foundations, locks, dams, immersed tunnels, offshore structures, harbor facilities, marine outfalls/intakes, and deep marine foundations.

BSCE also provides construction engineering design services for cofferdams, caissons, falsework, specialty construction equipment, and cast & launch facilities. The firm's design team includes civil, structural, geotechnical and construction engineers with experience on major marine projects worldwide. The firm's focus is on minimizing construction costs, schedule, and risk through the development of innovative construction methods and equipment for major marine structures.

Home Office: 921 SW Washington Street, Suite 765, Portland, OR 97205 Tel: 503.766.3199 Fax: 503.922.0105

Denver Office: 2851 S Parker Road, Suite 424, Aurora, CO 80014 Tel: 720.287.0364
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